About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ute Pass Historical Society is to preserve and protect the Ute Pass region’s historical heritage. To accomplish this mission, the society will collect historical artifacts, provide educational programs of historical relevance, operate an area resource center or museum, and engage in other activities that will support and enhance historical preservation and education.

Dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of Ute Pass families and communities since 1976


Board of Directors 2017

Donna Finicle, President
Jon Woods, Treasurer
Suzie Graf and Jane Lass, Secretaries
Paul Loyd, Board Member
Jean Rodeck, Board Member
Karen Gilliam, Board Member
Tim Rhatigan, Board Member
Pat Hyslop, Board Member
Sally Riley, City Liaison

Key Personnel

Karla Schweitzer, Registrar
Judy Perkins, Office Clerk and Gift Shop Manager

Committee Chairpersons

Oral History: Larry Black and Kathy Stockton
Finance and Budgeting: Paul Loyd and Jon Woods
Collections Manager/Curator: Karla Schweitzer
Research/Inquiries: Larry Black and Jean Taylor
Photo Librarian and Sales: Paul Loyd
Webmaster: Lisa Huff
Newsletter/Patronage: Judy Perkins

Office Telephone: 719.686.7512
Email: uphs@utepasshistoricalsociety.org
Website: utepasshistoricalsociety.org

UPHS is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization


The Ute Pass Historical Society’s Board of Directors is grateful to our loyal patrons and enthusiastic volunteers. Without your generous financial contributions and dedicated volunteer service, we would not exist. Thanks to all of you for supporting our mission to preserve and share the history of the families and communities of the Ute Pass area of Colorado. It is an honor to serve you!